The Declaration of a New Nation. Maiden Nation.

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The Declaration of a New Nation. MAIDEN NATION.

By: Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown

Women drive the global economy more than ever before. Not only has global communication and social networking opened up new opportunities for women, but the new information economy favors the kinds of skills women have developed: sensitivity, 
awareness of social context, excellent communication.  How we think about commerce itself is changing, as the old Madmen days when a few men determined the trends and styles of the marketplace has given way to an era of increased grassroots communication about what products women want.

The kind of social networking enabled by global communication and driven by young women is shaping the way people shop and what they want to buy.  More than ever before, we are aware of the story behind the products we buy. We want to know—and we can’t help but know in a world of fervent global communication—the whole life cycle of the products we use: how something was made, where it was made, who made it, and how our purchase will affect the world in which we live. 

To address the needs and concerns of women consumers, entrepreneurs, activists and citizens, we created Maiden Nation, a new community that is the first of its kind to allow women to connect and shop, network, market products, seek investment, and develop ideas. We will build the community one step at a time, one citizen at a time. Our first step in the building process is to establish a global exchange: the Maiden Marketplace, a social marketplace that sells unique products by women entrepreneurs committed to bringing positive economic, social and environmental change. Join us in forming a nation that doesn’t have to accept the world as we find it.