Celebrate a Bond That Stretches Across The World

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Celebrate a Bond That Stretches Across The World

( Photo: Liz Brody, Senior Editor Glamour Magazine with Daphcar, Hands Together Artisan at JPHRO in Petionville Haiti . )

by Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown

The Internet and globalization have changed the way we speak to each other, but the enduring nature of friendship has not changed. One of the great symbols of friendship, the friendship bracelet, endures. People in Manhattan still trade the same half-hitch knots and colorful bands that were exchanged between tribe members in Guatemala hundreds of years ago to symbolize friendship and kinship. In a world where it becomes easier to communicate with each other in newer and faster ways, it can be harder for people to connect with each other. 

Maiden Nation understands that whether people live next door to each other or on the other side of the world from each other, they have more need than ever to express their loyalty. It’s simple, it’s elegant, crosses national boundaries and speaks in a universal language.  In a world with a lot of talk, take a moment to say what you mean to those who mean the most to you. Shop Maiden Nation Friendship Bracelets!