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Mary Fisher

American author, artist and activist Mary FIsher took the world by storm when she stepped forward to put a startlingly new public face on the AIDS epidemic in the early 90s – that of an HIV-positive suburban mother, with two preschoolers in tow.   

Mary Fisher’s “Messenger: A Self Portrait”

In her new memoir, “Messenger: A Self Portrait”, Mary explores her life story, focusing in particular on the twenty years since her groundbreaking speech to the Republican National Convention (August 19, 1992). She shares her fight with bouts of cancer, and discusses dealing with the severe depression that resulted as a "side effect" of various medications.  

Mary at the 1992 Republican National Convention

Two decades after her famous speech (recently ranked among "The Top 100 Speeches in America, 1900-1999"), Mary continues to stress that she wants "[her] children to know that their mother was not a victim. She was a messenger.” With truth, clarity and humor, she demonstrates that what chance sees fit to make happen to us need not define us.  

Mary’s “Turquoise Spiral Bracelet” –  proceeds go to the Abataka Foundation in their fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty in Zambia. 

Her challenge to us? “If we are to make a difference we will -- all of us -- need to make a commitment to break the silence.  The greatest enemy isn't a virus. It's silence.” It’s a point we can all take to heart, and one Maiden Nation strives to remember in everything it does; so speak out, and support Mary and all of our amazing designers in the work they do every day to make a difference!

You can purchase Mary’s book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

By Kate Andersen