Imagine Generosity

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Guest post by Alyssa Breguet, Director of Public Relations and Company Programming of Raising Change

It is a fresh, new beginning.  Take a moment to reflect on who you were last year. Were you the woman who braved the blistering temperatures of a Kenyan summer for the first time? Stood in the soft rainfall of a Hawaiian springtime with old friends? Held out her hand to catch the first few flakes of a Scottish snowfall with her family by her side? These experiences have changed you. You have been given new insight and this insight is what will shape you to create the world we know is possible. So ask yourself, How did you move throughout the world last year? How did you react to your sisters around you? Did you stop to believe in yourself before every trial you faced? Were you prepared in heart, mind and spirit as challenges presented themselves to you? The woman you are today is already more self-aware and strong. It is time for our Nation to begin to Imagine Generosity. 

The path to becoming our most generous self takes time and patience. It requires a well-thought out plan. Let’s begin to make that plan today. Ask yourself, what moment from the past year did you exhibit complete selflessness and generosity? Why was that moment so significant to you? For me, it was no grand gesture but rather the simplicity of deciding to call ahead before traveling to a friend or family member’s home and ask if they needed anything on the way. Think about the simple ways Generosity can fit in to your life. Give yourself a goal. Will you remember the time one of your sisters brought you the unexpected cup of coffee at work? Grab an extra cup a few times a month for someone at your next destination. Or remember the sister who showed up with groceries when she knew your family was in a tough financial situation? Spend $20.00 more the next time you’re at the market and drop it off to those you know need it. These small actions are what shape you and ultimately, change the way we move throughout the world together as women. 

As part of your plan to work towards a more generous self, continue to think with simplicity. As the New Year starts, we overwhelm ourselves as we fill calendars with cardio classes, meetings with financial planners and lunch dates with old friends. As we work on these resolutions, think about the role your generosity can play in making a lasting difference for the people around you. Think about how you will treat the financial planner, regardless of what he/she says. See the similarities between yourself and those at your new gym classes and offer them the support and kindness you know you would appreciate. When you rekindle with old friends, make a commitment to honesty and listening. If you bring sincerity and unselfishness to the forefront as you set out to accomplish these goals, what a treasure you will find in your new-found self awareness! 

There are days we will crash. We will cry. We will scream. We will doubt if we want to get back on track because we don’t know if we can handle all the difficulties that discourage us along the way. Our hearts will be sore, minds tired and spirits flat. We will experience complete vulnerability and it will wake us up to the need to share of ourselves, in our humanity, as much as we can. These small, simple steps of Generosity will fill the need and soon, there will be more voices, more relationships and more support. If we continue to work on our ability to positively influence others lives, in every encounter we have, no matter how small, there is a chance that we will never be alone. We will always be together, united and with this beautiful, abundant energy among us. This is a wonderful time for our Nation to begin to Imagine Generosity and how it can change the way we do business, grow our families and treat our sisters and brothers across the globe. 

Carry the heat, rain and snow of last year with you as you start the Journey of 2013. Remember the joy of self discovery you experienced and choose to begin this year in that same spirit. Take every face you meet, group you are in and hand you hold as an opportunity to share of your most generous self. Let’s Imagine Generosity. 

- By Alyssa Breguet